Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® Training Course

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance

Continue your Journey to Become an Exceptional Scrum Master

When you take your Advanced Certified ScrumMaster training with John McFadyen, you can do more than simply get certified. You will have skills, tools and techniques you can put into practice the moment the course is over.

Over the years, John has trained 1,000s of new practitioners, helping them take their first steps on their journey to mastering Scrum and Agile, and would love to welcome you on a future course.

Your journey never ends. Life has a way of changing things in incredible ways.

Alexander Volkov

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The A-CSM course will be delivered by John McFadyen for Agile Centre in partnership with Growing Scrum Masters.

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Check out other Advanced Certified ScrumMaster courses at Agile Centre.

Prefer an on-demand course?

The Growing Agile Coaches programme allows you to upgrade your learning to include an A-CSM.

About the Course

I enjoyed John’s facilitation techniques that enabled us to learn together as a group and not just get talked at.

Rob Moores

The course was really engaging, I liked how everyone valued each others opinions and thoughts and really listened to each other. I genuinely feel inspired to read more, learn more and bring things back to my company. I loved how the course was not all about theory but how things worked in real life.

Beth Oldbury

Really engaging course and delivered brilliantly. Getting me out of my comfort zone when training without realising I was out of it was amazing.

Aaron Edwards

Scrum is easy to understand, but difficult to master.

John McFadyen is a global expert who will help you correctly and successfully implement Scrum in the workplace with his extensive knowledge, years of hands-on work experience, and a passion to serve teams and individuals.

This course is designed for the Scrum Master who has the desire to grow their skill set and become more confident in the concepts and techniques necessary to progress their career. For those looking to differentiate themselves from the pack, A-CSM certification arms Scrum Masters with new skills and also an industry-recognised distinction from other Scrum Masters.

Your learning doesn’t end after the course ends. John is happy to support you through your agile journey by offering continued guidance, advanced learning opportunities, and additional resources to help you become the best you can be in your Scrum role. He is passionate about igniting the hearts and minds of individuals, encouraging them to bring joy and prosperity into the world of work.

Why Train with John McFadyen?

Since certifying as a Certified Scrum Trainer in 2018, John has trained hundreds of agile practitioners in certified classes and led dozens of private in-house courses for teams.

Poor training leads to poor Scrum practices.

John has been vetted by Scrum Alliance’s rigorous assessment to ensure quality.

Leave energized and inspired.

Sharing insights and experiences means a course is about not only knowledge but also a long-lasting impact.

Our focus is on the learner’s journey.

Mastery of anything takes more than a day, and John is willing to support you on that journey.

Become part of a global community.

Join other passionate, certified practitioners in Agile Centre’s online community.

PDUs, SEUs and Certification

What are PDUs and SEUs? Click here to learn more.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance

On completion of the training and providing evidence of 12 months experience in the scrum master role to Scrum Alliance, you will be certified with Scrum Alliance as an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

15 PDUs

This course earns you 15 PDUs within the PMI.

16 SEUs

This course earns you 16 SEUs towards your CSP designation within the Scrum Alliance.

About John

The war stories, the insights into successful Agile transformations and everything he has learned from coaching high-performance Agile teams combine to provide course delegates with a unique, compelling training experience that transforms as much as it empowers.

John is passionate about cultivating high-performing Agile organisations that unleash people’s passion and creativity. As an Agile coach, John has worked with C-Suite level individuals on cultivating and embedding Business Agility within the DNA or large organisations.

In addition to being an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Trainer, John is also a founding partner of Agile Centre.

More about John McFadyen

John McFadyen

Who Should Take This Course?

This is an advanced course.

If you are beginning your Scrum Master journey then consider the Certified ScrumMaster®.

This is a core course for the following roles:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches

This is a recommended course for the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • Agile Evangelist

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Course Outline

The History of Agile

Agile is everywhere today, but where did it come from?

In this section, we look at where Agile came from, what we can learn from those who have come before us and why this knowledge is invaluable as a scrum master and agile coach.

Facilitation and Coaching

Scrum masters are Agile coaches as well as facilitators, so we need to break open those skillsets and dig a little deeper.

This module includes two key skills for the scrum master to grasp. We start looking at retrospectives and how to run better meetings, including sharing our favourite tools and techniques to help others on their journey. The second section is focused on the basics of professional coaching and how we can make use of these skills in our day to day practice.

Service to the Team

Teams are the life-blood of Scrum and Agile, but what are. they? What can we do to support them better?

In this module, we answer seemingly simple questions such as what a team is and move on to how we can support teams as they move through the various stages they encounter on their journey.

Service to the Product Owner

Product Owners: I often say their training ends at being told they are one. How do we support these vital players in the game of product developers?

This section focuses on the importance of a product vision for the Product Owner and how we can move from an abstract goal to an actionable Product Backlog, while giving our PO the ability to explain not only what they want but why it is important to the product.

Beyond the Team

Many organisations want to run before they can walk and it is part of our job to help them understand the implications of taking those actions.

The Beyond the Team section looks into scaling Agile, particularly to understand why we may not want to scale and how to support organisations when they choose to; and how we affect organisational level change that sticks.

The agenda for the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course is deliberately kept open to allow participants to craft the course they will find most valuable.

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