What can I do with a CSM credential?

The Certified (CSM) credential is an internationally recognised and respected certification awarded by the Scrum Alliance.

It is a valued credential for entry-level s who are looking to begin their career journey as a , and it is a valued credential for experienced s that are looking to enter the next phase of their apprenticeship journey.

If you want to join the Advanced Certified course, and achieve the certification, you will need a minimum of a Certified credential with 1 full year of experience working as a within a scrum environment.

So, the CSM credential acts as a stepping stone to more advanced certifications down the line and is the very starting point of your career as a .

CSM Job Applications

In most instances, a CSM or equivalent certification is the minimum entry-level requirement to land a job as a .

The Certified certification is respected within the Agile community as well as by recruiters around the world. It is by far the oldest, most respected credential in the world with a little over 1 million s having achieved certification.

Scrum Alliance provide you with a badge certification for the CSM and verify your certification online for as long as you are a fully paid member of the Scrum Alliance.

The Scrum Alliance website also allows you to update your resume and details for potential job opportunities that may come from recruiters who visit their website. You can also earn points based on your resume, events that you attend, extended learning that you do and work experience.

If you would like to become a , visit our Certified course page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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