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Scrum Master Apprenticeship Program

Quick Overview

  • 1 video lesson each week
  • 1 set of coaching questions to consider
  • A whole community to support you

Topics Covered

  • Lean, Agile & Scrum
  • Facilitation & Training
  • Coaching
  • Self-Management & Team Dynamics
  • Definition of Done & Development Practices
  • Service to the Product Owner
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Organisational Change

Here’s what happens every week…

We release one short video on a new topic

Teaching something important, impactful, and actionable

I ask some coaching questions

Guiding and helping you extract the very best of the video lesson

A community supports you

With opportunities to learn and engage with others (if you want)

Check out John on Selling your Ideas to Others.

What it covers…

The Growing Scrum Masters programme is based on Scrum Alliance’s Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® certification. Participants of the programme will have, via validation calls, the option of upgrading their learning to include the A-CSM.

The choice is left to the learner, with or without certification, the same high-quality, knowledge and insight are available.

Lean, Agile & Scrum

Exploring the origins of Scrum and Agile, why they were created and the theory underpinning much of the Agile thinking today.

Facilitation & Training

This section is focused on answering questions like “what is facilitation?” and “how do I tackle conflict in meetings?”.


Coaching is a core part of being a scrum master or Agile coach, and here we introduce you to the discipline.

Self-Management & Team Dynamics

We look for self-management in our teams, this section delves into what we mean by that and how we set teams up to achieve it.

Definition of Done & Development Practices

Definition of Done – much-maligned and misunderstood in the Agile world, in this section we explore how it and development practices help the teams we work with,

Service to the Product Owner

Product goals, product visions, and product backlogs. How do we support our Product Owners in creating and using these successfully?

Scaling Scrum

In this section, we explore what scaling Scrum is, when to do it, the benefits and disadvantages, and how we can go about it.

Organisation Change

Agile often requires organisations to change their policies and procedures, in this section, we examine how to support and guide these changes.

What our students are saying…

Thoroughly enjoyed the well thought out and structured course. Lots of useful tips and strategies to add to my tool kit.

Spencer D

Dev Ops Team Lead

Gained valuable insight and new ideas about how to handle various scenarios. Overall enjoyed.

Sarah L

Scrum Master

I wish I’d gone on this course when I first did my CSM! I wish all CSMs had gone on this course when they first did their training!

Rob C

Agile Coach

The course is the perfect mix of theory and practical tips. Super engaging, fun, the right pace. Genuinely feel I learnt a lot I’m able to put into use.


Senior Project Manager

I found the interactive sessions extremely useful to discuss real problems and how to solve them not just theory.

Edward W

Scrum Master

Loved the format, very interactive and learnt some great new techniques. Really good course, John was fab! Most importantly we also had fun!

Simon G

Technical Project Manager

*Testimonials from the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® course.

You in?

The Scrum Master Apprenticeship Programme is part of the Agile Success Academy. Signup today to take the next step on your journey.

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