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Unlock Your Team’s Agile Potential

Welcome to your exclusive hub for corporate Scrum and Agile workshops!

Designed specifically for corporate teams, our workshops will empower you to embrace Agile approaches effectively. From Scrum Masters and Product Owners to Agile team members, we have something for everyone.

Industry experts lead our Agile workshops and offer practical insights tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges.

Why Choose Our Private Workshops?

  • Expert-Led: Industry veterans with years of experience facilitate each corporate workshop.
  • Customised: Tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and challenges.
  • Certification: Team members earn a certificate of completion that’s recognised industry-wide.
  • Convenience: Choose between in-person or online workshops to accommodate your team’s schedule.

Private Agile Workshops

Unlock the full potential of your Agile teams with our focused, single-session corporate workshops. Each standalone session is expertly crafted to offer deep insights into a specific topic within the Agile and Scrum frameworks. Ideal for corporate teams looking to address targeted areas for improvement quickly, these workshops offer actionable solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges.

Facilitated by industry leaders, each workshop offers a combination of theory, practical exercises, and interactive discussions.

How to Focus on What Matters: Prioritisation in Agile Setting
From Clashes to Collaboration: Conflict in Agile Settings
Agile Coaching Essentials: Techniques and Reflections

Workshop Series

Designed exclusively for corporate teams, these five-part workshop series provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of key Agile and Scrum topics.

Facilitated by renowned industry experts, each session in this series aims to solve complex challenges your organisation may face, offering actionable insights and practical tools.

Exploring Scrum Series

Exploring the Fundamentals of Scrum
Exploring the Sprint Lifecycle
Exploring Sprint Planning
Exploring the Daily Scrum
Exploring Sprint Reviews
Exploring Sprint Retrospectives
Exploring Product Backlog Refinement
Exploring the Role of Scrum Master
Exploring the Role of Product Owner

Exploring Agile Series

Exploring the Agile Manifesto
Exploring the Fundamentals of Scrum
Exploring User Stories
Exploring Metrics and Reporting
Exploring Agile at Scale
Exploring the Role of Product Owner

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