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Who do you think is one of the most powerful thought leaders in the world of Agile, and why? 

Who do you think is one of the most powerful thought leaders in the world of Agile, and why?

Today, I want to let you in on my thinking when it comes to powerful though leaders in the world of Agile, and why. 🤔

I’m actually going to step away from the beaten path of Agile, for a change, and delve into the minds of two extraordinary thought leaders who, while not necessarily Agile practitioners themselves, in my view, have left a profound impact on our Agile world.

Spotlight on Unconventional Thought Influencers in Agile

The world of Agile is home to many incredible thinkers and practitioners, but if you ask me to spotlight just one, I’d be inclined to talk about a couple of figures who aren’t even traditionally associated with Agile. 🌐💡

Before I do, however, I want to mention that I find the phrase ‘thought leader’ a tad problematic. 🤷‍♂️

Why? Well, this phrase suggests a hierarchy of ideas where one person thinks and others follow. In a vibrant, dynamic field like Agile, everyone should be encouraged to think, question and innovate.

Lessons From Unlikely Sources

Two authors who stand out for me are David Marquet and Stephen Bungay. David Marquet’s book ‘Turn The Ship Around‘ details his transformative leadership experience as a Captain in the American Navy, navigating the USS Santa Fe. 🌟

His approach focused on enabling agency in those around him and fostering an environment where every single person is actively engaged and thinking. His work offers profound lessons for Agile practitioners, particularly those navigating complex organizational landscapes.

Stephen Bungay’s ‘The Art of Action‘ is another treasure trove of insights. Bungay explores the evolution of command and leadership in the military and how it translates into today’s work world. His book provides simple, powerful solutions to complex organisational questions like ‘how do we get hundreds, if not thousands, of intelligent people all pulling in the same direction?’

Here are a few key takeaways from thinking about powerful thought leaders in the Agile world:

  • Leaders in organisations at all levels can adopt an approach that enables agency and creativity.
  • We need to create environments where passions are allowed to flourish and initiative is encouraged.
  • The old-fashioned way of telling people what to do is counterproductive. A new approach is required, one that is about guiding, facilitating, and supporting.

Why Should You Stay Open to Insights?

As Agile practitioners, it’s essential to stay open to insights from all fields and sources. Whether we’re trying to improve our own leadership style, facilitate a smoother Agile transformation, or simply gain a deeper understanding of Agile principles, these authors offer invaluable perspectives. 👥

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Remember, the Agile world is full of thought leaders.

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