What was one of your most rewarding days as a scrum master and why?

I could speak to the teams I’ve worked with, the individuals I’ve worked with and the aspiring Agile coaches I’ve worked with. There is a lot of great moments in the past, moments I’m incredibly proud of and took a great deal of satisfaction from.

When I look back over my career and think about what might be the most rewarding moment of them all, it turns out that the moment has nothing to do with me at all.

Witnessing Progression and Mastery

I found myself at a conference, looking at the stage, and one presenter turned up and gave a great presentation on Agile and their work as an Agile coach.

A little later in the session, a second presenter turned up and gave a great presentation on Agile and their work as an Agile coach.

Both of these presentations were interesting, engaging, and demonstrated that the people involved had mastered their environment as well as their craft.

I loved witnessing these presentations because both of these individuals were people I had worked with, as an Agile coach and mentor, for many years.

I had witnessed their progression from apprenticeship, through their journeyman phase, and was now witnessing their progression to mastery in their career and working environment.

I loved that these individuals had achieved mastery on their own steam and were being recognised for their effort and contribution in the Agile industry.

I had not pulled any strings for them to speak at the conference nor had I helped them with the subject matter of their presentations. This was all their own work, and they were being recognised for their contribution and mastery in the industry as solid, credible professionals.

Agile Centre, the company I am proud to be the managing partner of, is built on the core purpose of growing Agile capability. Our company seeks to cultivate and nurture Agile environments that unleash people’s creativity and passion.

Witnessing these 2 individuals on stage made it clear that I had achieved exactly that purpose.

These 2 individuals were creative and passionate in their work, and it was clear that they had achieved mastery in their Agile capability.

I think this day stands out as one of my most rewarding days as a scrum master and agile coach because I knew I had played a small role in the progression and evolution of these 2 individual’s careers.

The primary role of a scrum master is to help create an environment where others could excel. Witnessing these 2 individuals excel helped me realise that I had succeeded, all those years ago, in creating an environment where these 2 individuals could excel.

An environment where they were inspired, passionate and driven.

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John McFadyen Managing Partner
John McFadyen is an Executive and Enterprise Agile Coach with proven experience working on some of the UK and Europe’s largest, most complex Agile Transformations. As a Certified Scrum Trainer, John brings a wealth of experience as an Agile coach, Agile practitioner and software developer into each of the four core courses he provides. The war stories, the insights into successful Agile transformations and everything he has learned from coaching high-performance Agile teams combine to provide course delegates with a unique, compelling training experience that transforms as much as it empowers.

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