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How do you handle changes to the product vision during backlog refinement?

Navigating Changes to Product Vision in Backlog Refinement

Today, I’m addressing a frequently broached topic,  “How do you handle changes to the product Vision in backlog refinement?”

I know this question can be a bit of a head-scratcher, so let’s unravel this complex topic together.  🙌

Unpacking the Product Vision

First and foremost, let’s understand the essence of the product vision.  As I’ve often remarked, “Your product vision is the articulation of why this product matters, what’s the difference it’s going to make in the world.”

It’s paramount, the ultimate North Star in the Agile world.  This isn’t something transient or fleeting.  It’s the very foundation, the essence.  

And to add a layer of clarity, while Scrum also talks about a ‘product goal’, which is still strategic but often a shorter-term focus, the vision truly stands tall.  It’s the big thing, the lighthouse guiding us. 🌟

Refinement Challenge

I’ll be straightforward here.  It’s not a refinement problem.

A critical question arises when there’s a shift in the product vision during refinement and your product vision undergoes a change.

Is the current product goal and, indeed, if you’re in Scrum, is the current Sprint goal valid?

If yes, as I have often advised, we will have to close that sprint down and do something else.

If not, you trudge ahead, keeping in mind the existing objectives, refining, understanding, and sizing up tasks.

The Domino Effect of a Vision Change

Should a vision change render the current backlog unsupportive of the new direction, it’s back to the drawing board to navigate the cascade of vision changes.  🎲

Remember, that big picture is gone if your vision stops being valid.  It means revisiting the very foundation of the product: who it’s for, what pain points it addresses, and its overarching value proposition.

And yes, that’s far before we delve into refinement.

Essentially, you’re likely to be putting everything on hold to understand and go back through that ideation.

It’s crucial to revisit and redefine the audience, the pain points addressed, and, most significantly, the value proposition.

Finding Your Path Amidst the Shift

Amidst all these changes, always remember that your role here is not to worry too much about refinement if you’ve got work and it makes sense.

The real task?

Instead, focus upstream, grasping how the evolved vision trickles down into a product backlog suitable for refinement.

Embracing Stability

On a brighter note, here’s a bit of solace from something I’ve observed throughout my journey: most products have a good, relatively stable vision.

They are abstract, and broad-reaching, and even if product goals pivot, visions tend to remain consistent over extended periods.

Next Steps

Consider my courses for those keen to plunge deeper into Agile and Scrum intricacies.  There’s a wealth of insights and strategies waiting for you.  🚀

They’re packed with hands-on insights to guide you on this journey.

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