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  • Coaching – get clarity on your next steps. Decide how to move forwards. See real results.
  • Mentoring – partner with an experienced Agile Coach. Avoid common pitfalls.
  • Training – explore the discipline of Agile coaching with others. Find your next learning journey.

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Take the next steps in your growth as an Agile Coach or Scrum Master.

… the combination of coaching and group workshops really enabled me to develop my own thinking. I could synthesise lots of different concepts from agile and beyond into my coaching and facilitation which has made me much more effective.

Simon Girvan - Principal Consultant, Agile Coach

Simon Girvan

Principal Consultant – Agile Coach

… has unlocked the knowledge and confidence I needed to be a better coach. This has made a real difference for individuals and teams in my organisation and has given me a platform to achieve my own personal goals. The level of support and advice is exceptional throughout.

Chris Yardy - Agile Coach

Chris Yardy

Agile Coach

Sparking ideas off an engaging group of keen, experienced Agilistas turbo-charged my own personal journey to becoming a Certified Team Coach. I felt supported, encouraged and motivated to achieve so much more on the journey than I would have done on my own.

Rich Freeman - Principal Delivery Manager

Rich Freeman

Principal Delivery Manager

Book a Call to Explore How You Can Grow as an Agile Coach

Advice and Guidance

Engage with an expert Agile practitioner and consultant.

Gain expert opinion, analysis and recommendations on issues your organisation are experiencing with Agile.

Coaching and Mentoring

Partner with an experienced Agile Coach and Mentor.

Manage your own learning, maximise your potential, develop your skills and become the Agile Coach you want to be.


Join other participants in an interactive learning experience.

Learn from others; develop knowledge and awareness is the core skills of an Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

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