The difference between a Neurosurgeon and a Scrum Team. A lesson in professionalism.

When comparing a neurosurgeon to a Scrum team, it’s tempting to focus on the obvious clinical differences. However, a deeper comparison reveals valuable insights into professionalism, accountability, and integrity. Both roles, despite their distinct contexts, share common principles that can elevate the quality and impact of their work. Professionalism and Accountability A neurosurgeon is a […]

How to Get Started with Agile: A Practical Guide for Project Managers

Are you a project manager feeling frustrated with your current tools and methods? Maybe this Agile thing could be your solution. But how do you get started? You might think the answer lies in taking a course or reading endless guides. While courses can be beneficial (and if you’re going to take one, I’d recommend […]

Why do you love the Business Model Canvas for Product Owners?

Why I’m All In for the Business Model Canvas for Product Owners First off, I must confess. Due to the complexity of this model, I’ve had to exclude the Business Model Canvas from my Product Owner course. Over the years, I’ve found that it’s a tad too intricate for some participants. 🙁 However, my admiration […]

Best use of Scrum you’ve ever seen?

Best use of scrum you’ve ever seen? The Power of Scrum at Work: Agile Centre’s Evolution 🌱💡 As an Agile coach and Scrum trainer, I’m frequently asked, “What’s the best example of Scrum you’ve ever seen?” Without a doubt, my response is always Agile Centre’s own transformation journey. 🚀🎯 Agile Centre and Scrum: A Perfect […]

What is Kaizen and what would be a great example of that in practice?

What is Kaizen and what would be a great example of that in practice? The Heart of Kaizen: A Journey of Continuous Improvement 🔁💡 Every seasoned Agile practitioner has likely encountered the term “Kaizen”. But what exactly is Kaizen, and how is it practically implemented? Kaizen, a term emanating from Eastern philosophies, loosely translates to […]