Who is John McFadyen?

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Growing the next generation of Scrum Masters.
Empowering and Enabling Agile Capability.

Hello! I'm John McFadyen

I’m a partner at Agile Centre, an Executive Agile coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer. I'm passionate about cultivating, nurturing and growing Agile Capability.

Certified Scrum Trainer

Certified Enterprise Coach

Certified Team Coach

Path to CSP Educator

"In the midst of COVID-19, now more than ever, teams don't need tasks. They need purpose."

My journey from Developer to Executive Agile Coach

My journey has taught me the value of deep immersion and dedication to craft with a mentored, guided progression from apprenticeship to journeyman, and from journeyman to Mastery.

It’s something I believe in and advocate a great deal. 

Significant time and effort at the coalface, working within teams, guided by experienced and knowledgeable coaches and mentors. 

Creating. Learning. Evolving.

As an Entrepreneur, Scrum Certified Trainer and Coach my role now includes propagation of Mastery in the form of mentoring, coaching and training the next generation of Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.

Something I’m deeply passionate about. 

Cultivating high-performing, Agile organisations that unleash people’s creativity and passion. 

  • Agile Centre – Managing Partner and Chief Executive Coach
  • McKinsey & Co – Business Agility and Agile Advisor
  • Scrumcenter LTD – Executive and Business Agility Coach
  • 4th Precept – Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Aviva – Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Deutsche Telekom AG – Principle Agile Coach
  • Emergn – Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Trader Media Group – Agile Coach and Scrum Master
  • Open Credo – Agile Coach
  • Cambridge Assessment – Scrum Master
  • ADP – Solution Architect
  • Landis +Gyr – Solution Architect
  • Graphnet Health LTD – Technical Architect
  • Georgica PLC – Systems Developer

Scrum Alliance Certified Training I Lead

I’m deeply invested in growing the next generation of Scrum Masters, Scrum Professionals and Agile coaches. In addition to Agile coaching, I am a Certified Scrum Trainer that leads Scrum Alliance Certification Programs through Agile Centre.

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master

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